CoreWeave expands to North Texas with a new $1.6B data centre

The data centre is CoreWeave’s first facility in Texas and will support economic activity and job growth in the area. CoreWeave plans to have the new data centre up-and-running by the end of the year in Plano.

“We’re pleased to partner with Plano and the local community to open this cutting-edge data centre and create new jobs,” CoreWeave CEO and co-founder Michael Intrator said in a statement. “The 450,000-square-foot facility will help meet the unprecedented demand for high-performance cloud solutions for artificial intelligence, machine learning, pixel streaming and other emerging technologies that CoreWeave is uniquely positioned to deliver.”

“With the demand for machine learning, AI and visual effects/rendering sharply rising, we are thrilled to partner with CoreWeave as the company invests in its first data centre in Texas, capable of high-computing solutions for such specialised needs,” Plano Mayor John B. Muns said in a statement.

CoreWeave offers an extensive scale of GPU compute resources with an industry-leading, highly adaptable infrastructure.

The company focuses on building cloud solutions for compute-intensive use cases- machine learning and AI, VFX and rendering, batch processing and pixel streaming that are up to 35 times faster and 80% less expensive than the large, generalised public clouds.

CoreWeave’s strategy aims to deliver accelerated computing infrastructure for generative AI, large language models, and AI factories, ultimately providing the highest-performance and energy-efficient computing platform across various industries.

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