Corscale embraces Doxel AI for future AI development

Corscale will be deploying Doxel, a leader in AI automated construction progress tracking to speed the pace of construction and reduce waste on upcoming data centre construction.

“Corscale is focused on implementing industry leading construction and sustainability initiatives. We are committed to building efficiently. Doxel will help us accelerate construction schedules and deliver critical data centres faster.” said Nic Bustamante, Chief Technology Officer for Corscale.

The rise in artificial intelligence, specifically Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision, and machine learning, and robotics, is increasing the already strong demand for data centre solutions. Corscale will now harness the power of AI to build the data centres that deliver AI.

“Doxel is thrilled to partner with Corscale in revolutionising the landscape of data centre construction. Corscale’s commitment to industry-leading initiatives aligns with Doxel’s mission to transform construction through the power of AI. We aim to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of constructing data centres, setting a new standard for the industry. This collaboration represents a significant stride toward the future, where AI not only powers data centres but also drives their seamless and sustainable construction.” – Saurabh Ladha, CEO of Doxel.

The partnership with Doxel reflects Corscale’s forward-thinking approach to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By incorporating AI into the construction process, Corscale not only meets the rising demand for data centre solutions but also pioneers a path toward intelligent, sustainable, and swift data centre deployment.

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