‘Crypto Arctic Tank’ provides cooling solution for crypto mining operations

Edge Data Solutions, an edge data centre, crypto mining and cloud infrastructure provider, has announced the introduction of the ‘Crypto Arctic Tank’, a first-of-a-kind 200kw sustainable immersion mining solution.

According to Edge, the tank provides users up to 50 per cent more hashing capacity with the highest-density power-distribution unit, and the highest-efficiency fluid on the market, Edge Fluid VHP 1200.

In today’s energy crisis, crypto mining is frowned upon for its high consumption of energy and its negative impacts on the global carbon footprint. ‘Air-cooled’ Bitcoin mining is the basic, traditional method of managing the heating and cooling of mining rigs with fans and air. Conversely, ‘immersion-cooled’ Bitcoin mining more efficiently uses circulation pumps and special liquids designed to work with electronics in lieu of air.

Edge’s Crypto Arctic Tank was introduced as the industry’s first efficient liquid immersion solution, which hopes to future-proof crypto operations by enabling miners to minimise energy consumption and operational costs.

“We are at a pivotal moment in our global energy crisis when we are struggling to balance our growing energy demands with our requirement to minimise our carbon footprint,” said Delray Wannemacher, Edge CEO and co-founder. “Edge has broken the glass ceiling by producing what many have claimed could not be done – creating sustainable mining solutions which give the blockchain community a unique opportunity to lead the world in next-generation cooling technology.”

Edge’s proprietary Edge Performance Platform enables it to deploy next-generation edge data centres from any location, providing what it says is the industry’s most advanced immersion cooling technology.

“This is sustainable mining made easy,” said Daniel Wong, Edge’s president and co-founder. “Our turnkey solution is very easy to install, running quietly, seamlessly, and efficiently from any location, anywhere in the world. We are proud that Edge is bringing together the best minds from all generations to bring the highest level of enterprise standards to the industry.”

Wannemacher added: “Beyond our leadership in crypto mining, Edge is also transforming the global infrastructure of technology, enabling chip manufacturers and technology companies to develop solutions that rely on high-density computer power and are needed to run today’s world. Edge looks forward to continuing to lead the industry in sustainable mining and cleantech.”

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