Crypto mining facility plans to deliver 100 MW virtual power plant

Voltus Inc., a distributed energy resource (DER) software technology platform, and Mawson Infrastructure Group, a global leading-edge digital asset infrastructure company, have announced plans to deliver 100 megawatts (MWs) of distributed energy resources to the PJM electricity grid in 2022 via a new crypto mining facility.

Mawson is building its new 100 MW facility on the grounds of a former industrial site in Midland, Pennsylvania, with the intention of bringing 50 MWs of load online by March 2022, and an additional 50 MWs by June 2022. This capacity is expected to be available to PJM’s grid operators as a grid balancing resource through the Voltus DER marketplace software platform.

“Mawson actively works to reduce energy consumption and limit our environmental impact as we build energy-efficient next-generation digital infrastructure,” explained Mawson chief operating officer, Liam Wilson. “Incorporating the best practice of distributed energy resource program participation through the Voltus software platform into our Midland development plans was another opportunity for Mawson to be a steward of the community and electricity grid that is serving us.”

“Crypto mining load is expected to reach nearly 10000 MWs in the US over the next five years,” said Gregg Dixon, Voltus CEO and co-founder. “Voltus can control these loads in a fully automated fashion, connecting this capacity to power markets that value them, resulting in cash back to miners, reliable resources for grid operators, and a balancing resource to improve the reliability of much-needed renewable energy. Digital infrastructure leaders like Mawson recognise that partnering with Voltus supports the grid and provides a competitive advantage in the power-cost driven world of crypto mining.”

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