Cudos and BlockBeam partner to launch next generation of tech talent


Decentralised cloud computing provider, Cudos, is partnering with BlockBeam to educate the next wave of blockchain tech talent on the value and impact of decentralised computing. 

BlockBeam has developed a program, Gateway to Algorand, to educate university students on blockchain sustainability applications, the business value of these innovations, and the positive climate impact generated. 

The program’s goal is to develop standout business-side blockchain candidates and accelerate the adoption of blockchain sustainability and climate resiliency applications. During the Gateway to Algorand, participants will learn about companies revolutionising climate impact investment, air quality monitoring, sustainable computing, and more. 

According to Cudos, their decentralised computing model will prevent the need for hyperscale data centres and allow for the utilisation of idle computing power – much of which may otherwise find its way into the environmentally damaging tide of e-waste. Along with this, Cudos says that it enables passive crypto earning opportunities that will be highly significant for communities worldwide. 

“BlockBeam is excited to partner with Cudos, which is pioneering the decentralised cloud computing model and generating positive climate impact with this innovation,” Drew Cousin, BlockBeam co-founder, commented. 

“We will create enormous value for talent with the Gateway to Algorand and future collaboration opportunities are endless,” Bennett Thompson, BlockBeam co-founder, added. “Ultimately, the winner is hiring companies who will be able to efficiently source talent armed with an understanding of these innovative technologies and how to apply them in business.” 

“Cudos team members will assist with Gateway to Algorand learning materials development, education, and provide valuable mentorship as candidates launch into blockchain,” added Pete Hill, VP of Sales, Cudos.

The first program kicks off on the 8th of March 2022, and features 37 students from 18 different worldwide universities. Student’s universities include U.S.-based schools Arizona State University, University at Albany SUNY, Northeastern University, Syracuse University, William Jessup University, Tufts University, Bentley University, The Ohio State University, Wake Forest University. Wellesley College, Babson College, Boston College, Smith College, and the University of Florida. Non-U.S based universities represented include Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada, the University of Westminster in London, England, and Peking University in Beijing, China.

The program will expand throughout the year to launch more business leaders with the ability to apply blockchain to solve problems negatively affecting the climate. Additionally, the program is structured to serve as an early-stage launchpad for university entrepreneurs who aim to launch new blockchain-powered sustainability applications. The BlockBeam team projects sourcing students from over 50 worldwide universities by year-end.

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