CyrusOne to build sustainable data centre campus, CyrusOne FRA7, in Frankfurt

The facility will be powered by renewable energy, as has CyrusOne’s entire operational portfolio in Europe. In addition, specific practises are being implemented throughout the design and construction phase to source sustainable materials and lower CO2 emissions. Innovative waste heat re-use methods will be deployed within both buildings with a potential 40MW of waste heat delivered to the campus heating network when at full capacity.

CyrusOne’s partnership with BEOS and Swiss Life Asset Managers marks an important step in the company’s ongoing commitment to European expansion and a sustainable future.

Starting with a total capacity of 81 megawatts delivered across nine data halls in two 3-storey buildings, the facility will benefit from CyrusOne’s highly efficient data centre design to achieve a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ certification as a minimum and deliver an annualised PUE of <1.3 in advance of European energy efficiency directive targets for 2030. It will also fall in line with the anticipated energy efficiency targets proposed by German legislation.

Dedicated biodiversity initiatives will be prioritised, with ecological landscaping to increase biodiversity and provide habitats for wildlife, the provision of 5,500 square metres of open green space, and the planting of over sixty trees. Over 1,800 square metres of the facility walls and roofs will be ‘green’, not only creating an aesthetically pleasing outlook for the local community but also improving air quality by filtering pollutants, reducing noise, supporting thermoregulation, and increasing the buildings’ energy efficiency.

“Frankfurt is an incredibly important location for CyrusOne in Europe with 60 MW IT capacity across four operational data centres and another 126 MW under development. It is a real milestone to be planning our seventh facility in the city, and our biggest development to date in Frankfurt,” explains Andreas Paduch, Area Vice President, of European Sales at CyrusOne. “We are thrilled to have BEOS, an experienced and innovative local organisation, as a key partner for this build at FRANKFURT WESTSIDE and this is the start of a longstanding partnership with this team. It’s fantastic to work with a company so aligned with us on sustainability and biodiversity goals as we move forward on the project together.”

“We are pleased that in CyrusOne we have found a reliable, long-term partner for FRANKFURT WESTSIDE, who in the future will play a key role in the implementation of our ambitious ESG agenda. Our companies are united by many common visions, and in particular with regard to sustainability,” says Holger Matheis, CEO of Swiss Life Asset Managers.

“The chemical industry was active for over 180 years in Griesheim Industrial Park. Now is the time to shape the future of FRANKFURT WESTSIDE, by acting courageously and responsibly – not just for us, but also for future generations. In this respect, the collaboration with CyrusOne is an important element, which fits in seamlessly with our sustainability strategy,” says Mathias Strauch, project head at BEOS AG.

With this, the campus will enter a new era of sustainability, tied into CyrusOne’s sustainability goals and overall mission. Transport and mobility concepts will enhance and improve pedestrian traffic, cycle paths, and local public transport, with CyrusOne working closely with BEOS AG and Swiss Life Asset Managers to enhance the campus surroundings and benefit the wider local community.

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