Danfoss and Google to collaborate on AI and energy efficiency

Danfoss and Google will make use of the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and promote energy efficient solutions in data centers.

Under the partnership, Danfoss, the Danish multinational engineering group, will use Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities to optimize the customer experience, streamline internal work processes and improve productivity across the organization. This can be done, for example, by using gen AI to collect and surface information, automate knowledge, generate product descriptions, and create solutions with chatbots in e-commerce. 

As a global leader in energy-efficient solutions, Danfoss is working with Google to implement sustainable cooling systems for data centers and to design systems that reuse the excess heat produced by data centers. Danfoss Turbocor® compressors provide highly reliable, highly efficient solutions when expertly applied by OEM partners and are being installed by Google to improve the energy efficiency and decarbonize heating and cooling systems in data centers.

Meanwhile, Danfoss’ heat reuse modules will make it possible for Google to capture and reuse heat produced by data centers, providing a renewable energy source to supply heating on-site and to neighboring commercial and residential buildings, communities, and industries that need heat for their processes. Going forward, Danfoss’ expertise in decarbonization solutions will be used to an even greater extent to advance data center sustainability in Europe, North America, and beyond.

 Jürgen Fischer, President, Danfoss Climate Solutions, said: 

“At Danfoss, we want to revolutionize how we build and decarbonize data centers together with our customers. When we partner up across industries, like we have done with Google, we accelerate this development towards building better and more sustainable data centers – using technologies available today.”

Google Vice President of Data Center Innovation, J.P. Clausen, said:

“This is a great example of a partnership utilizing each other’s strengths and using technology to optimize the customer experience, increase productivity and reach sustainability goals. Danfoss is a leader in energy efficiency, and these solutions help support Google’s 2030 goal of running our data centers on carbon-free energy 24/7. We’re happy to deliver AI innovation through Google Cloud, enabling businesses like Danfoss to operate in new and smarter ways,” says J.P. Clausen.

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