Danfoss selects RISE with SAP and HPE GreenLake to accelerate sustainable cloud journey

Danfoss, the Danish multinational engineering group, has chosen HPE GreenLake for SAP S/4HANA® Cloud within the RISE with SAP program and deployed in Danfoss data centers to accelerate the company’s sustainable cloud journey.

Danfoss has been facing the challenge of maintaining its high standards of data sovereignty, reliability and sustainability while experiencing transformative growth driven by the company’s sustainability goals. To overcome this challenge, Danfoss sought out a flexible, scalable and cost-efficient IT solution that could support its business processes and innovation initiatives running at the edge, on its own modular data centers.

Danfoss chose HPE GreenLake for SAP S/4HANA® Cloud to accelerate their sustainable cloud strategy because it delivers the advantages and experience of cloud while allowing them to run their mission-critical SAP workloads in their own energy efficient data centers.

The solution selected by Danfoss is a unique offering, co-innovated by HPE and SAP. It enables organizations like Danfoss, who opt for RISE with SAP, to enjoy the benefits of a cloud experience while keeping their mission-critical SAP workloads in a private environment, where their apps and data reside. This proximity offers several advantages, such as enhanced control over data, reduced latency for faster access and processing, and increased security for sensitive information. All of this powered by HPE’s best-in-class cloud infrastructure.

“We have selected RISE with SAP and HPE GreenLake not only to reap the benefits of investing in the most up to date digital solutions, but also to demonstrate that it is possible to optimize existing data centers operations while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Energy efficiency is not something we need to trade off against other important parameters, but rather it needs to be on an equal footing as a key parameter alongside other standard business priorities. This collaboration allows us to keep our data and applications in our own highly energy efficient data centers and gives us the best of both worlds: the cloud advantages while keeping our data close,” says Sune Baastrup, Chief Information Officer, Danfoss.

“RISE with SAP is a game-changer for customers who want to accelerate their journey to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and is a natural next step in the more than 30 years of strategic partnership enjoyed by Danfoss and SAP. I look forward to continuing our strong collaboration providing the end-to-end digital backbone at such an innovative and sustainability-minded frontrunner as Danfoss. I am delighted that we, together with HPE, can offer the choice and flexibility to run their business-critical SAP workloads in their own energy efficient data centers,” says Mikkel Stavnsbo, Managing Director, SAP Denmark.

“HPE is proud to partner with Danfoss to accelerate their sustainable cloud strategy with RISE with SAP and HPE GreenLake. Collaborations with global leaders like Danfoss, who are driving solutions that support the transition to sustainable IT, are important to shifting the entire industry towards more environmentally responsible practices. With HPE GreenLake, we bring the cloud experience to where Danfoss operates its data centers, enabling them to maintain control and visibility over their critical data and applications, without compromising on sustainability priorities.” – Carsten Regner Nielsen, Managing Director Nordic Cluster, HPE.

HPE supports Danfoss’ sustainability initiatives: Reduce, Reuse, Re-source

Danfoss has mapped out an ambitious sustainability strategy to decarbonize its company’s operations based on a three-step approach to reduce, re-use and re-source energy. Firstly, energy efficient solutions are applied to reduce energy consumption, then efforts are made to re-use excess heat energy wherever possible, and finally the company works to phase out fossil fuels and source remaining energy demands from renewable sources.

To support its decarbonization commitment and minimize its IT carbon footprint, Danfoss sought a technology partner with deep sustainable IT expertise able to leverage circular economy principles and draw upon industry best practices in asset management, energy efficiency and re-use. Danfoss is working closely with HPE Services to develop modular data centers to provide faster and sustainable data center expansions with greater location flexibility.

Danfoss is already demonstrating heat reuse solutions at the company’s headquarters site in Nordborg, Denmark where, with full build out capacity, reused excess heat from Danfoss’ data centers is capable of providing 25% of the overall heat supply for the 250,000 m2 manufacturing site.

The technology collaboration between HPE and Danfoss also helped cut Danfoss’ data center cooling requirements in half by deploying direct liquid cooling across their data centers.

As part of its Reduce, Re-use, Re-source approach, Danfoss also worked with HPE to create smarter IT lifecycles at assets’ end-of-use phase. Danfoss is partnering with HPE across its global operations to retire its IT assets through HPE Asset Upcycling Services, a solution that enables responsible decommissioning and refurbishment of end-of-use equipment, while recovering economic value from those assets.

By selecting the HPE GreenLake platform, Danfoss is not only demonstrating its commitment to progressing its own decarbonization commitments, but also offering an inspiring showcase of how other companies can tackle their sustainable IT challenge with holistic systems thinking. With analysis showing that the HPE GreenLake platform helps lower infrastructure energy consumption by 53%1, HPE is offering organizations a viable solution to their sustainable IT goals.

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