Data centre services provider lowers risk rating and increases ESG performance

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Global full lifecycle data centre services provider, Salute Mission Critical, have announced that they have successfully lowered their risk rating and improved their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance compared to last year by 12 per cent. The Low Risk Sustainalytics ESG Rating puts Salute in the top 22 per cent of all businesses being rated.

The Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating measures a company’s exposure to sustainability risks and how well a company is handling those risks.

“We are pleased to have earned the low risk rating and will continue to drive even greater results in the future. Salute’s dedication to providing sustainable and ethical solutions is evident in this year’s score. Our focus on security and governance has led to significant improvements in our ESG performance, which includes growing our data privacy programs and greater overall transparency,”said Sonda Kolodzinski, EVP of business operations, compliance and sustainability at Salute Mission Critical.

Salute’s says that its commitment to ESG has impacted a number of important aspects of their business. Instilling a proper workforce development strategy, for example, has provided a rich training regimen that includes sustainable practices. Alongside this, committing to a Green Purchasing Policy by seeking opportunities to increase the purchase of eco-friendly products has helped the company reduce product-based GHGs, leaving them on track to achieve net- or near-zero by 2025.

Customers are now being offered data centre sustainability consulting, allowing Salute to impart knowledge of environmental risks and rewards to realise benefits for clients. Meanwhile, the company says that they employ consistent auditing processes aimed at transforming sustainability roadmaps, and clients benefit from robust procedures with skilled staff prepared to handle any scenario.

“Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses the complete data centre infrastructure life cycle. By prioritising sustainability throughout every stage, we empower our customers to fulfill their aspirations and requirements in a truly impactful manner,” said Erich Sanchack, CEO at Salute Mission Critical. “As we shape the future of the industry together, we embrace the opportunities ahead filled with innovation, growth, and excellence. Our commitment is driven by our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional value, fostering a nurturing work environment, and maximising returns for all stakeholders.”

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