DataBank dedicates Orangeburg NY data center campus laying foundation of AI infra in Hudson Valley

DataBank, a leading provider of enterprise-class colocation, connectivity, and managed services, held a dedication ceremony for its new Orangeburg Data Center Campus and celebrated the construction of its first data center (LGA3) there. 

This event marks DataBank’s latest IT infrastructure expansion in the rapidly growing New York market to meet the new demand for increased capacity and mission-critical IT infrastructure and services.

“Our new Orangeburg campus lays the foundation for artificial intelligence infrastructure in New York State’s Hudson Valley,” said DataBank CEO Raul Martynek. “Its construction perfectly aligns with the State of New York’s Empire A.I. Initiative, which endeavors to establish New York as the national leader in A.I. research and innovation.”

DataBank’s first data center on the campus – LGA3 – is currently under construction and will open in early 2025, ultimately providing 200,000 square feet of data center capacity and 30MW of critical power (expandable to 45MW) delivered via an on-site sub-station. The site will eventually accommodate a second facility (LGA4) and another 45MW on-site substation. The Orangeburg Campus also will be connected to DataBank’s major carrier hotel locations at 111 8th Avenue (LGA1) and 60 Hudson in Manhattan (LGA2) as well as 165 Halsey Street in Newark, NJ (EWR1) providing “one-hop” performance for latency-sensitive financial, media and A.I. applications.

“The Town of Orangeburg extends a warm welcome to the inaugural data center on the Orangeburg campus, as it represents a significant milestone in our region’s journey towards technological advancement and economic growth,” said Teresa Kenney, supervisor of the Town of Orangeburg. “We look forward to a long partnership with DataBank which has already proven to be a responsible corporate citizen in many ways.” 

“Today marks a pivotal moment for Rockland County as we celebrate the dedication of this cutting-edge data center campus,” said Lucy Redzeposki, Rockland County director of Economic Development. “This investment not only brings new jobs and revenue to our community but also solidifies our position as a hub for technological excellence and economic prosperity.”

“The construction and dedication of the LGA3 data center represent a significant milestone for our regional community and New York State as a whole,” said New York State Senator Bill Weber. “This state-of-the-art facility not only signifies our commitment to technological advancement but also brings forth a wave of opportunity, bolstering our economy and strengthening our position as a leader in innovation. With its completion, we anticipate a ripple effect of growth, job creation, and enhanced infrastructure, shaping a brighter future for all.”

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