Dauvea to convert Roman mine into new data centre

Dauvea, a Cagliari-based IT firm, is converting a Roman mine on the isle of Sant’Antioco into a new data centre in a project entitled Digital Metalla or Digital Mine. The company has yet to share specifications but has announced that the facility will be an energy-efficient green data centre.

“In Oslo, Norway, they obtained a data centre from an ammunition depot,” Salvatore Pulvirenti, founder and MD at Dauvea, said. “This work for us means first of all giving new life to territories from a sustainable perspective, creating jobs, giving solutions to new trends in the digital world, innovating by doing.”

Founded in 2017, Dauvea provides a number of IT, cybersecurity. and Cloud services. Metalla is the name of an archaeological site located in the city of Sulci. The area has been mined for lead, silver, zinc, coal, and other minerals for thousands of years, and mines in the area only began to close in the 1990s.

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