DC powered micro-data centre that is compatible with renewable energy sources announced

Zella DC has introduced a fully DC powered version of its Zella Pro micro data centre, which is better suited to telco needs, specifically around 5G.

DC powered micro facilities are compatible with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, second-generation clean biomass, and others. They are considered more efficient because no energy is lost when converting AC to DC power, which in turn reduces carbon footprint and power bills.

“Companies are increasingly under pressure to reduce the environmental impact of their operations,” Angie Keeler, Co-founder and CEO of Zella DC, said. “A DC powered micro data centre is an ideal choice as it plays a principal role in lowering overall carbon emissions.”

The facilities are popular with telcos for their data centres, as well as the mining, farming, defence, and broadcasting industries. Outdoor solutions Zella Hut and Zella Max are suited to smart mines, smart farms and 5G tower sites.

“A DC powered micro data centre will mostly, but not exclusively, benefit telecom operators in the deployment of 5G infrastructure,” Clinton Keeler, Co-founder and CTO of Zella DC, said. “Many small 5G towers are needed to ensure full coverage of a given area. Microdata centres are instrumental in building the underlying infrastructure that enables end-to-end 5G connectivity.”

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