DCX introduces latest innovation for efficiency and versatility in liquid cooling

DCX, a prominent player in datacenter solutions, has introduced the DCX HYDRO100 CDU Rack System. This exceptional system caters to both small-scale direct liquid cooling operations and serves as a versatile proof of concept solution for hydro miner models and direct chip-cooled servers.

In the realm of liquid-cooled servers and miners, the reliability of the hydraulic system is paramount. To address this, DCX has engineered the HYDRO100 CDU SYSTEM, featuring dual high-quality smart pumps within a sturdy 42U datacenter rack frame. These pumps offer remote control capabilities and can operate redundantly or at full capacity, transferring over 160kW of heat. This system stands out with its remarkable adaptability, accommodating 10-12 MicroBt M56S++ miners or even up to 30 Bitmain Hydro miners, along with standard servers, providing unmatched flexibility and safeguarding investments.

The benefits of the DCX HYDRO100 Rack System extend further. DCX offers a comprehensive package, including dry coolers, hydraulic components, remote installation support, additives, and more. What sets this system apart is its potential for sustainable operation, thanks to its optional heat exchanger, allowing efficient heat reuse for facility heating, district heating, and industrial processes.

It features a redundant CDU and optional heat exchange system, ensuring efficiency and reliability. With a 42U rack frame, it accommodates 10-30 miners or 12 M53S++ miners, delivering exceptional heat transfer performance from 70 to 163kW. This system operates seamlessly year-round, even in high-temperature conditions up to 50°C (122°F). It includes a built-in 40-100kW brazed plate heat exchanger for heat reuse, a secure N+1 redundant smart pump system, remote monitoring, and a comprehensive vendor warranty with dedicated DCX support.

In summary, the DCX HYDRO100 CDU Rack System represents a significant advancement in liquid cooling technology, offering adaptability, performance, and sustainability for datacenters and mining operations. With its array of innovative features and commitment to reliability, DCX continues to lead in providing cutting-edge solutions to meet evolving industry needs.

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