DDN unveils Infinia: next-gen software-defined storage for enterprise AI and cloud needs

DDN®, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and multi-cloud data management solutions, today announced DDN Infinia, a next-generation software-defined storage platform which leverages two decades of DDN engineering in file system, data orchestration and AI-based optimisation, all coming together to usher the era of accelerated computing and generative AI.

DDN Infinia combines multi-tenancy at scale, containerisation and the highest levels of speed and efficiency customers have come to expect from DDN systems, with ease of management and powerful security attributes. The novel architecture accelerates and simplifies workflows for the data management demands of today and tomorrow, from generative AI and large language models (LLM) to versatile and complex movements of workflows from the edge to data centres and the cloud.

Enterprises face managing diverse data sources at multiple sites, on-premises, at the edge and in multiple cloud environments, as well as different systems for varying applications and shared access to data sources. Data is created at the edge and must be moved between the edge and the data centre to be actionable. The rising demand for distributed unstructured data requires metadata tagging to ensure it moves swiftly, efficiently and securely.

Additional challenges, including increasing electricity costs and a lack of data centre real estate, mean enterprises must optimise and fully utilise all resources with storage operating as efficiently as possible. DDN Infinia removes hardware dependencies with built-in core features to answer the requirements for secure enterprise-wide AI data management.

“Data management has become terribly complex, and the market has been clamouring for a new paradigm which solves the challenges of explosive AI data growth in a fully secure, multi-tenant, power efficient and cost-effective way,” said Dr. James Coomer, SVP of Products, DDN. “Enterprises need to aggregate varied data types collected by many sensors and sources over distributed locations and ensure that the resulting data is governable, secure and available for business and data processing needs. DDN Infinia was built from the ground up to deliver to these needs.”

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