Delta introduces cutting-edge solutions for high-performance computing and AI data centres

The offerings include Delta’s state-of-the-art ORV3 18kW 1OU power shelves, boasting power supply units that achieve industry-leading peak efficiency of up to 97.5%. Furthermore, the showcase highlights Delta’s highly innovative Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) systems, which have the capability to significantly augment cooling density, surpassing the performance of traditional air-cooling systems by up to 2.5 times. Lastly, Delta’s most recent addition to the lineup features 800G Ethernet Networking Switches, designed to meet the evolving needs of data centre environments.

Kelvin Huang, President of Delta Electronics Americas Region, said, “As we embark on this journey into the future of digital infrastructure, Delta leverages its unparallelled prowess in high-efficiency power systems and thermal management to develop solutions capable of enhancing the productivity and lowering the carbon footprint of next-generation data centres. With our ORV3 total solutions, we are not just shaping the data centres of tomorrow but ushering in a new era of smart cities.”

Delta’s ORV3 total solutions encompass a wide array of advancements, including revolutionary Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) technologies, a robust ORV3 rack, and a high-efficiency 18kW power shelf.

Additionally, an extensive range of air and liquid cooling products meticulously tailored for the most demanding High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) workloads will be featured. Notably, Delta Electronics will introduce high-performance Battery Backup Units (BBU) and Power Supply Units (PSU), as well as an exceptionally efficient 800G Ethernet Switch purpose-built for hyper-scale data centres.

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