DG Matrix unveils breakthrough technology for EV charging, microgrid, and genAI data center markets

DG Matrix, a leader in electrification solutions, announces the first field deployment of its breakthrough Power Router technology, which enables aggregation of any AC or DC power source with a single device. With industry-leading efficiency and up to 10-X smaller size, the launch of the DG Matrix Power Router promises to alleviate grid constraints in the multi-billion-dollar EV charging, microgrid, and datacenter power industries and beyond.

Based upon more than a decade of foundational research and major engineering breakthroughs, the DG Matrix Power Router is a power-conversion system that enables bidirectional integration of multiple AC and DC energy sources and loads in a single device. The modular solution eliminates disparate components and power-conversion stages, simplifying an ordinarily complex project down to a plug-and-play solution. Hyper-flexible architecture and over-the-air firmware configurability enable a single device to map to applications across many industries, from EV charging, microgrids, and datacenters to renewable energy, smart grid technology, and more.

The first system is a two-port configuration of the DG Matrix 200-kW Power Router that provides ultra-fast electric vehicle charging with universal compatibility across vehicle types. Offering up to 10-X smaller footprint and volume than any competitor, superior efficiency, and unmatched versatility, the DG Matrix EV Charger Power Router accelerates electrification by enabling fleets to electrify faster and more cost-effectively. Ultra-compact size enables:

• Deployments in space-constrained areas

• Easier installation with lower cost

• Reduced DG Matrix factory footprint and personnel by 10-X

• Reduced overhead costs

• Greater sustainability by using far less material and energy

“In a bold move to leapfrog the entire electrification industry, we are proud to successfully demonstrate in the real world a product that solves the critical challenges to sustainable electrification,” stated Haroon Inam, CEO of DG Matrix. “This major milestone is a testament to our commitment to innovation and is just the first step toward many transformational products DG Matrix will unveil in the near future.”

With such strong product advantages, the market interest in the product has been exceptionally strong. DG Matrix has built a sales pipeline exceeding US$1B in the last 8 months as it prepares to begin commercial deployments in Q3 of 2024.

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