DICE increases global footprint with six international data centres

DICE Corporation has announced that the company has increased its global footprint by adding six data centres outside the United States and Canada that are actively used to serve its growing interactive video and alarm monitoring clients overseas, while also allowing DICE to process web page applications locally and closest to its growing alarm dealer base in North America.

The six data centers are supporting markets in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and expanded footprints in North America.

Over the next few years, the company is expected to increase to 15 data centers in regions close to its expanding client base.

DICE has two UL 827A active centres in North America for geographical redundancy and in different geographical zones to meet UL and ULC standards. For additional redundancy, the data centres are powered by two different power companies, in addition to two generators at each center.  As active data centers, DICE runs load-balanced signals at both sites in the US. Multiple ISP feeds from various carriers.

Cliff Dice, DICE Corporation president, said: “Having the additional data centres allows us to provide not only cloud services for those who do not want receivers on their site but also backup and disaster recovery services, all on a global basis.  DICE has been expanding in the past few months its carrier contracts outside the USA, which allows us to do full-service hosting in other areas. This gives our clients a worry-free, cost savings, and future-proof solution.”

Dice also recently deployed a fully working global network that allows each of its UL/ULC and global data centres to receive the same IP packet data at all centres,allowing active/active diversification without the typical legacy BGP failover that most alarm centers use.  This gives DICE an advantage going forward in switching clients between centres automatically, and even load balance processing recourses across all data centres.

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