DigiPlex joins European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency

Nordic data centre designers and builders, DigiPlex, have announced that they have joined the European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres.  

This voluntary code brings together participants from across the digital infrastructure industry to collaborate and agree on standards, practices, and technologies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of energy consumed in data centres.  

DigiPlex says that it is strategically focused to continue reducing its climate impact, and the European Code of Conduct provides an excellent framework for these ongoing sustainability initiatives. 

The increasing energy demands of data centres, driven by the rapid digitalisation of economies and societies globally, means that sustainability and efficiency are becoming high priorities for data centre providers. Even in the Nordics, where sustainable electricity from hydro-generation is plentiful, this demand must be balanced with overall capacity and the needs of other users.  

To that end, it is hoped that the European Code of Conduct will enhance DigiPlex’s benchmarking of its performance and contribute to best practice that can benefit carbon reduction initiatives across the whole of Europe. 

The European Code of Conduct outlines a range of commitments including an initial energy audit, and the preparation and implementation of an energy efficiency action plan at each data centre site. 

DigiPlex already operates well below the 1.8 PUE level met by the majority of Code participants and continues to seek to further reduce their PUE, along with implementing other efficiency measures. As such, the plans and best practices set out in compliance with the European Code of Conduct provide ideal foundations for achieving certification to ISO 50001. 

The ISO Energy Management Standard (ISO 50001) outlines requirements for organisations to continually improve overall energy management. As well as demanding the creation and implementation of policies and targets for energy management, it also calls for the use of data to measure results and make better decisions. Compliance with the EU Code will help DigiPlex formalise and audit the data it already has in place to prepare for ISO 50001 certification. The company plans to achieve this standard in 2023. 

Haakon Holm-Knapstad, chief HR and compliance officer at DigiPlex, commented: “Although voluntary, the European Code of Conduct provides a stringent framework to help DigiPlex improve its already industry-leading energy efficiency. With over 200 data points reported per site, it helps us prepare the granular data to support precise and effective improvement plans. This same data will be crucial as we approach ISO 50001 certification.” 

DigiPlex CEO, Wiljar Nesse, added: “We all need to play our part in decarbonising Europe’s economy. As a leader, it is incumbent on DigiPlex not to rest on its laurels, but to constantly challenge itself to be better, and to inspire others to be better. The European Code of Conduct is a significant element in our mission to always put sustainability at the core.” 

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