Digital infrastructure company backs five new Spanish solar farms

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Digital infrastructure company, Equinix, has increased its backing of renewable power projects with the addition of five new long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Spain totaling 225 megawatts (MW). Once operational in 2025, the solar farms are expected to generate more than enough power to match consumption at Equinix’s International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

The five new projects, along with existing projects, will bring Equinix’s contracted PPA capacity to 595 MW globally, which is estimated to generate nearly two million MWh annually.

The geography of Spain offers solar radiation levels higher than those recorded in other parts of Europe. Furthermore, Valladolid, Lérida, Granada and Segovia, where the new projects are planned, have an average solar radiation value above other geographical zones within Spain.

“Equinix is committed to enabling the digital infrastructure that enriches our daily lives while minimising environmental impact,” said Raouf Abdel, EVP of global operations for Equinix. “We plan to continue to seek opportunities such as these new solar PPAs and other innovations to support renewable power generation globally.”

“As more companies seek to address climate change and reduce their carbon footprint, Equinix has observed a growing trend of customers moving towards renewable energy-powered infrastructure. This trend has influenced our approach to PPAs, with Equinix actively seeking out and securing renewable energy PPAs to meet customer demand. We strongly believe that collaborating with our partners and customers to understand their energy needs will enable the company to make informed decisions and identify new opportunities for the data centre industry to achieve climate-neutrality by 2030,” said Ross Henderson, senior director, IBX operations UK at Equinix.

The projects will be managed by Madrid-based IGNIS, an integrated renewable energy group involved in the entire value chain, from development to operation and energy solutions. IGNIS has participated in the development of a portfolio of more than 20 gigawatts (GW) of renewable projects in Europe, the U.S., Latin America and Asia, and it currently manages an operational portfolio of more than four GW of different generation technologies. Schneider Electric, a leading global advisor on corporate renewable energy procurement, supported Equinix in project selection and contract negotiations.

Equinix said that it is continuing to evolve its power procurement portfolio to increase the quality of its renewable energy purchases. Priorities include transitioning from certificates to PPAs in all global markets where feasible. Beyond the company’s renewable energy strategy, it continues to evaluate on-site solar opportunities, on-site generation from fuel cells, and other distributed low-carbon technology that fits with the company’s overall global strategy.

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