DL Holdings intends to acquire a HK-based AI data analysis company

DL Holdings Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary DL Digital Family Office has entered into an acquisition MOU with Chain of Demand, a leading artificial intelligence data analysis and financial services company in Hong Kong. The MOU outlines the acquisition of all the equity, technology, and intellectual property rights of Chain of Demand in exchange for shares, at a consideration not exceeding US$10 million.

The objective of this acquisition is to further enhance the development of the artificial intelligence family office system (DL-GPT) and its related applications, while advancing the digitalisation of the Group’s transformation strategy. This strategy aims to establish a global ecosystem for artificial intelligence asset management and wealth inheritance.

This is an expansion of the existing digital family office platform and aims to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence-driven wealth management services. Recognising the rapid pace of technological advancements, DL Holdings intends to tap into a wider range of opportunities and fields. To support this endeavour, DL Holdings had previously established the DL Institute for New Economic Research, which focuses on WEB 3.0, digital currency, and artificial intelligence.

Andy Chen, Chairman of DL Holdings Group, stated, “By consolidating the foundation of the traditional multi-family office business, DL Holdings has gained a first-mover advantage in the ‘second curve’ of corporate development, that is reshaping the underlying logic of the wealth management industry development in the second curve through trend analysis in the global distribution and redistribution of wealth. Facing a more complex and volatile political environment and economic fluctuations, the population, profiles, needs, preferences, as well as the management approaches and methods of wealth owners, are undergoing essential changes, driven by the advancements of technology and the improvement of human cognition. Only by creating a decentralised AI platform based on large models and big data can it carry and serve a larger population in the future, allowing wealth to be more private, stable, and continued in a unique way.”

The company targeted for acquisition, Chain of Demand, is situated in Hong Kong Cyberport. Its primary activities revolve around “the development of data analysis platforms utilising artificial intelligence” and “providing information technology services for financial technology solutions”. The company has accumulated extensive experience in building and expanding digitalisation and artificial intelligence technologies. The core management team shares a common vision and goals with DL Holdings, particularly in areas such as digital transformation, data technology and growth within the financial services and B2C sectors.

This acquisition will play a crucial role in strengthening the AI infrastructure of DL AI Family Office and wealth management. By combining DL Holdings’ proprietary database, investment models, case analysis, and core perspectives accumulated over the past decade in investment management, as well as interacting and cultivating with users through the anthropomorphic digital avatar, this will help DL Holdings to be a prominent listed group in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region, which has realised AI family office.

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