DPO and Schneider Electric to develop wind-powered modular AI data centers 

Digital Power Optimization, a developer and operator of green data centers, has announced a new partnership with Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, to design, construct, and deploy modular AI data centers behind the meter at multiple Texas wind farms. Together with Schneider Electric, DPO will customize modules for deployment at utility-scale wind sites to support its recently announced 100 MW PPA and related data center buildout.

Unlike most traditional data centers procuring clean power through virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs) or offsets, these high-performance computing (“HPC”) facilities running AI applications will draw a majority of their energy directly from the adjacent wind farms. Through this partnership, DPO will work with Schneider Electric to develop power-dense data centers co-located with renewable power plants under an innovative structure that allows new forms of GPU-based computing, while driving efficiencies for cost savings and improved sustainability by levering existing power generation assets.

“We’re extremely excited to have Schneider Electric’s support in this project,” said Andrew Webber, DPO’s CEO. “Working with partners who have deep expertise in this space is a key piece of addressing these critical challenges at scale. We’re delighted to work with an experienced team to bring to life this new class of renewable-powered computing facilities.”

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