DPO to directly power 100MW green data centre project

Digital Power Optimisation, a developer and operator of green data centres announced the binding execution of a power purchase agreement with a major, multinational producer of renewable energy. The Seller owns a number of large renewable power assets, including multiple 150MW+ wind farms in Texas. Under the new power purchase agreement, DPO and the Seller expect data centre deployments to reach 100MW in total size and extend across as many as six of the Seller’s Texas wind assets.

Unlike most traditional computing facilities procuring clean power through virtual PPAs or offsets, DPO’s data centres will draw power behind the metre, directly from the renewable wind generation facilities. Funding for the first phase buildout at the initial project site has been secured and data centre operations are expected to begin in 2024, with the remaining sites coming online over the following 12-18 months.

DPO’s CEO, Andrew Webber, commented, “We’re extremely pleased to have this PPA finalised and the project now officially underway. We have been running a pilot on-site for this power producer for over a year now and have developed an outstanding partnership with them. Together, we crafted a custom and innovative PPA structure which creates zero-cost economic upside for the Seller while bringing to life some of the cleanest and most sustainable computing facilities on Earth for DPO’s investors and data centre tenants.”

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