Eagle Eye Networks and ESSCOR to spearhead digital transformation in the Philippines

Eagle Eye Networks, the global leader in cloud video surveillance, has partnered with ESSCOR, a leading security integration firm, to offer advanced cloud video surveillance solutions to enterprise businesses in the Philippines. This collaboration brings together security, AI insights, cybersecurity assurance, and return on investment (ROI) through cloud-based video surveillance.

ESSCOR, a part of the ADEMCO Security Group, specialises in scalable, flexible, and sustainable integrated security solutions, serving over 8,000 institutional, commercial, and government clients throughout Asia.

As businesses in the region embrace digital transformation and opt for cloud and managed services, the demand for AI-powered cloud video surveillance is increasing. This technology provides valuable insights to security managers and business owners, making it an attractive option for enhancing overall security measures.

“ESSCOR focuses on the value that security–and managed services specifically–can bring to the entire enterprise,” said Charm Tolentino, ESSCOR Director of Sales and Marketing. “Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance perfectly aligns with our mission to offer security that is effective and delivers ROI.”

ESSCOR customers find Eagle Eye Networks particularly appealing due to its compatibility with existing cameras and infrastructure. The ability to seamlessly scale to multiple locations, coupled with the company’s strong cybersecurity credentials, AI capabilities, and automatic cloud-based updates, adds to its attractiveness. Moreover, the cloud-based approach aligns well with the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda of many Asian businesses, as it reduces the need for onsite equipment.

“Resellers like ESSCOR that prioritise cloud and recurring revenue-generating products and see the benefits that AI is bringing to the industry will not only win more customers and deliver better service; they are also investing in the strength and value of their integration businesses,” said Dean Drako, Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “We look forward to working with ESSCOR to bring the benefits of cloud video surveillance to the Philippines.”

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