Earth Day campaign launches new data centre sustainability consultancy

NerdRabbit, a Catalyst Tech Ventures company and provider of tech talent solutions, has announced its Earth Day campaign to plant 10,000 trees over the next six months in addition to launching ClimateNerds, a data centre sustainability consulting service.

NerdRabbit has said that it will plant one tree for every qualified job seeker or company that joins the Nerdly platform. The company is partnering with UK-based Evertreen to plant trees in parts of Kenya, the Amazon, and other parts of the world experiencing significant deforestation. Local farmers will plant the trees, and satellite imagery will track the trees’ growth.

Additionally, NerdRabbit is launching a new service called ClimateNerds where companies can engage sustainability specialists to audit their data centres. The company hopes this new service will help more organisations access the resources they need to measure their carbon footprints and take proactive steps to reduce them. Data centres represent a big opportunity for decarbonisation and water conservation, as data centres around the world consumed about the same amount of electricity in 2021 as the United Kingdom did during the same year.

“From pioneers like Amazon being the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world to the recent rise of climate tech, the tech industry has a history of making bold moves in sustainability,” said NerdRabbit CEO, Annelle Barnett. “This Earth Day, we want to build on the steps we have already taken as a company to reduce our carbon footprint while inspiring and helping other organisations to do the same.”

Last year NerdRabbit partnered with GreenPlaces to become carbon neutral certified, completing its first annual carbon assessment and taking steps to reduce and, when necessary, offset emissions.

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