Eaton and RDA to deploy AI solutions for data center operational resilience and energy efficiency 

Intelligent power management company Eaton has announced its collaboration with Red Dot Analytics (RDA) to develop AI-focused solutions and use cases for data centers in areas including predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and energy efficiency optimization. Set to commence in April 2024, the collaboration brings together Eaton’s digital expertise in data center power and infrastructure management with RDA’s Cognitive Digital Twin (DT) technology to improve the sustainability, agility, and resiliency of data center infrastructure.

“Reliable and efficient data center infrastructure is critical in meeting growing power and data needs, especially as the digital economy continues to accelerate and AI adoption expands across society,” said Richard Farrell, APAC Regional Director of Cybersecurity, Digitalization and Data Center, Eaton. “Our collaboration with Red Dot Analytics will enable us to co-develop modern, AI-driven data center solutions that will help operators support the rising demand for computing power while meeting sustainability and energy-efficiency requirements.”

Eaton’s collaboration with RDA reinforces its commitment to supporting the resilience of mission-critical infrastructure and ensuring that sustainable, efficient, and cost-competitive solutions are accessible to all. Eaton and RDA will also embark on joint pilot projects within the industry to test and encourage the adoption of new solutions that improve the sustainability and resilience of AI data centers.

“With the landscape becoming increasingly complex and rack power density shooting up to tens of KWs on GPU-heavy setups, it is getting more challenging for the industry to achieve an optimal balance between performance, resilience, and sustainability. Harnessing the full power of AI and DT technology will be a necessity across the full life cycle of data centers, from AI-driven design validation to real-time operational optimization,” said Henry Xu, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Red Dot Analytics.

“Eaton brings a wealth of experience in data center management, alongside expertise in designing digital solutions that are always-on and sustainable. We look forward to this partnership with Eaton to create AI-driven use cases for data centers and help businesses effectively manage their technology assets and resource consumption with hyper intelligence.”

The association with RDA builds on the momentum of Eaton’s existing research collaborations, such as the Sustainable Tropical Data Centre Testbed (STDCT) project, where Eaton joined as a consortium member to help advance the development of commercially viable, innovative, and sustainable cooling solutions for tropical data centers.

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