Economic and sustainable power listed as most important factor for new data centres according to new research

The availability of power is the most important factor in the decision-making process for a new data centre, according to research. Almost three quarters of a group of senior data centre professionals across Europe cited it as their number one choice in the 14th annual Summer Report from BCS (Business Critical Solutions).

The responses mark an increase on the 62 per cent who cited it as their top concern last winter. Further, amongst developer and investor respondents, the ability to have access to a secure and economic power source is rated even more highly, with around 85 per cent placing it first.

“The fortunes of the data centre industry are inextricably linked to the ability to source and utilise power in the most efficient and cost-effective manner,” James Hart, CEO at BCS, said. “The impact of power runs across every aspect of the market from informing decisions on data centre site selection, through the design and construction phases and the operation of such facilities. With forecast growth for digital services likely to remain substantial, the industry continues to respond to power issues created as a result, with the question of sustainability arguably never as important as it is today.”

On consumption, the survey found that around three-quarters expect their levels of consumption to rise over the next three years while more than two-fifths expect this rise to be significant. Despite increased efficiency of systems, and targets to reduce non-renewable energy use, only 8 per cent are expecting to see a reduction.

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