Edge Centres files to build third solar and battery-powered data centre from scratch

Edge Centres has said that it has filed a development application for a site of what will be its third built-from-scratch solar and battery-backed facility in Australia. The company is also behind solar and battery-powered data centres in Dubbo (EC4) in the Orana region of NSW, in Toowoomba in Queensland (EC2) and Grafton (EC1), which is powered by a 1MW on-site solar system and 48 hours of lithium iron phosphate battery storage back-up.

The new facility (EC3) will have 300kW of on-site solar and a 240kWh battery storage system, it will be the latest green data centre, eight in total, the company has released around Australia. 

“Lodging the development application for our Bendigo site is an important step in Edge Centres’ sweeping deployment across Victoria and the rest of regional Australia,” Jonathan Eaves, CEO and founder of Edge Centres, said. “Australia is on the cusp of an edge infrastructure wave, and Edge Centres is building ahead of this generational spike in demand for IoT, edge computing, and cloud. By building ahead of this wave means that we have time to build and connect the necessary infrastructure so that these regional hubs that haven’t been connected previously can be ready when it hits.” 

EC3 will offer access to all major telcos, creating a reliable gateway to Australia for edge computing, global network operators and content providers. Each Edge Centres facility is equipped with just under 1MW of available solar, and 48-hours of battery and UPS backup technology, which supports 64, 1kw quarter racks, delivered with N+1 power redundancy. Although Bendigo has a Mediterranean climate, weather across regional Australia can be extreme, so each site is covered with a metal thermal insulator membrane to support cooling systems.

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