EdgeConneX establishes 100% renewable energy powered data centres globally

Global hyperlocal to hyperscale data centre pioneer, EdgeConneX is powering its global data centres with 100% renewable energy. Consequently, the company has achieved carbon neutrality in Scopes 1 and 2, and a significant 44% reduction in Scope 3. These noteworthy achievements are part of the company’s bold sustainability agenda, which paves the way forward for environmental leadership and social responsibility.

Successful sustainable practises are increasingly critical for business strategies as technology advances rapidly and power demands rise. EdgeConneX measures these as part of its long-standing commitment to operate a carbon-, water-, and waste-neutral global data centre platform powered by 100% renewable energy by 2030.

“Our rich culture is focused on diversity, integrity, respect, and accountability. Sustainability is achieved through collaboration, not in isolation. In our view, the data centre industry must collectively and collaboratively address the need for sustainable solutions. These solutions are critical for the planet, its people, and the industry itself, which must make effective, efficient use of land, water, power, cooling, and remote operational technologies. EdgeConneX is committed to working with the sustainability programmes crafted by our customers, partners, industry standards bodies, and competitors. We are closely aligned with our owners, EQT, on pursuing science-based sustainability goals, relying on global standards for guidance, and investing in innovations that will help us develop and deliver on even more aggressive commitments.” – Steven Sprokholt, Vice President, Programme Management, EdgeConneX

“Company-wide, we care for our Customers, People, and Planet by implementing a holistic ESG sustainability policy, with every role in every office committed to making EdgeConneX a leader in delivering sustainable solutions. Our customers are at the core of our DNA, as we work to exceed their requirements for practical, sustainable energy, water, land, and operations options. Combined, these tenants will enable us to deliver global solutions empowering services like machine learning, AI, cloud, content, and commerce while continuing to ensure that we are helping to lead the way for our industry to be a pivotal contributor to sustainable solutions worldwide.” – Randy Brouckman, Co-founder and CEO, EdgeConneX

Looking ahead, EdgeConneX is advancing its water stewardship initiatives to replenish the freshwater the company consumes, improving water quality and ecosystem health in its communities. The company also focuses on enhancing biodiversity across its data centre campuses, protecting nature where it operates.

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