Efficient Energy claims to be the first to produce climate-neutral chillers

Efficient Energy, a German clean cooling company specialising in sustainable refrigeration technology, has announced that, from 2022, they will produce their eChiller product series as climate-neutral refrigeration machines and, as such, hope to become the refrigeration industry’s only supplier worldwide to offer climate-neutral chillers.

The refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment used by the global refrigeration industry accounts for around eight per cent of the world’s CO2 emissions. But these are only the direct and indirect emissions caused by the fluorinated refrigerants and energy-intensive processes used by conventional technologies. If the emissions of a chiller life cycle analysis are used as the basis, and the entire net impact on the environment – from raw material extraction to disposal – is calculated, the bottom line is even more alarming. Efficient Energy, claims to be the only supplier of chillers to have gone this extra mile to date and is setting new standards in doing so.

Together with climate protection expert ClimatePartner, the carbon footprint of the entire eChiller product family has been calculated and documented, from the raw material and logistics data through to packaging and disposal. The CO2 equivalent emissions of these products were then offset by a recognised climate protection project that is certified in accordance with international standards and, additionally to climate protection, also contributes to many of the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

By combining the use of water as a climate-neutral refrigerant and the use of green electricity, Efficient Energy says that they offer customers comprehensive, climate-neutral cooling that allows the operator to reduce its carbon footprint in this area to zero.

“Not only are we pioneers of sustainable refrigeration technology and stand for water as a refrigerant, but holistic climate protection and sustainable business belong to our unambiguous corporate values,” said Efficient Energy CEO, Georg Dietrich. “With Efficient Energy itself having been climate neutral since 2020, it is the next logical step of our Green Pledge that our products should also be climate neutral. I hope as many companies as possible will be as resolute as us in implementing their sustainability goals and will have the courage to take the next steps towards a climate-neutral industry,”

As part of their climate commitments, Efficient Energy has been helping the climate protection project in Virunga National Park in Congo to construct small hydropower plants. The aim of the climate protection project is to use the hydroelectric power plants as an alternative energy source and thereby avoid deforestation for lignite production – saving trees that serve as the habitat of a third of the mountain gorillas still living in the wild, thus providing them with protection.

“Our products carry the independent label climate neutral, thereby rendering their climate neutrality transparent for our customers and allowing them to learn more about the climate protection project,” adds Thomas Bartmann, head of sales and member of the Efficient Energy Executive Board.

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