Elea Digital to issue sustainable debentures for Brazil data center expansion

Elea Digital, the largest platform with the highest number of operational data centers in Brazil, boasting seven assets across five states, has disclosed that the proceeds from the new issuance will facilitate ongoing organic expansion and aligning its infrastructure with international standards. The company solidifies this commitment through a new issuance of debentures linked to sustainable goals.

The issued debentures take the form of sustainability-linked bonds, a pledge by the company to maintain energy efficiency, significantly reduce water consumption, and, innovatively within the infrastructure sector, have female leadership in over 40% of managerial positions. The project envisions Elea Digital increasingly being led by women in the coming years—a commitment that, if not met, will result in penalties and higher interest rates for the company.

This marks the fourth issuance by Elea Digital, a publicly traded company that, in three years, has raised over R$1.5 billion in Brazilian and international capital markets, including rounds of capital and debenture issuances. It is the second time the company has issued debentures linked to sustainable goals.

Alessandro Lombardi, President of Elea Digital, emphasizes the importance of looking towards the future, especially concerning sustainability and equality. “Elea Digital continues to innovate and stands out as a pioneer in the Latin American market in building responsible infrastructure, envisioning a green and digital future. To achieve this, we have decided that it is not enough to have a high female presence in the company; rather, we must ensure that our women holds leadership positions, positions of decision-making. We believe this will make us more competitive, advanced, and attuned to what matters most to us: the sustainable future of the industry.”

Four financial institutions in the country have expressed interest in financing Elea Digital due to its commitment to the ESG agenda, and this issuance may further encourage other companies to follow suit. Last year, following Elea’s pioneering issuance linked to sustainable goals in the digital infrastructure segment in Latin America, other companies followed suit.

Rafael Garcia Fonseca Ferreira Lima, Head of Fixed Income at Bradesco BBI, affirms, “By taking on the goal of women in leadership roles, the company reinforces its commitment to the diversity agenda, considering the low female penetration in the sector. Bradesco BBI strengthens its support, participating in all the company’s issuances.”

Elea Digital has informed the market of the closure of the public offering of debentures, under the automatic registration procedure, related to the 4th debenture issuance, simple, non-convertible into shares of the unsecured type, with additional fidejussory guarantee, to be converted into the real guarantee type, with additional fidejussory guarantee, in a single series, carried out in accordance with CVM Resolution No. 160, dated July 13, 2022.

“From Porto Alegre to Brasília, passing through Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, we plan to invest billions in regenerating and transforming the country’s digital infrastructure. Artificial Intelligence, as well as cloud technology and 5G, increasingly demand more energy, and by showcasing our financial strength, we can assure our clients not only immediate availability in five Brazilian states but also an optimistic vision for a sustainable and digitized society,” concludes Lombardi.

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