Element Critical and Alcatex partnership: bridging data centre services

Element Critical, one of the fastest-growing data centre service providers in the United States, has formalised an exclusive partnership with Alcatex, a leading name in data centre designing, building, maintenance, upgrading and decommissioning.

The strategic alliance will redefine the landscape of data centre solutions, offering enterprises a seamless transition from their on-premise data centres to a hybrid infrastructure solution leveraging Element Critical’s state-of-the-art colocation facilities.

As enterprises increasingly explore options beyond their traditional on-premise setups, they are looking for data centre providers that can provide them with the IT services and cloud connectivity they require while also maximising efficiency and sustainability. Through its partnership with Alcatex, Element Critical is ideally positioned to help forward-thinking enterprise decision-makers achieve their goals.

As a leading advocate and speaker for data centre liquid and immersion cooling technology, Allison Boen, President of Alcatex, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration, saying, “Our mission at Alcatex has always been to serve as the trusted partner for enterprises requiring logistical and consultative support for data centre design, refurbishment or decommissioning. With enterprises increasingly moving away from traditional on-premise infrastructure, our partnership with Element Critical enables us to provide our clients with a clear path forward – and one that we believe in strongly.”

Element Critical’s Skybox Houston One data centre, in particular, features cutting-edge immersion cooling and liquid cooling to the chip as well as other innovative technologies. This newly formalised, exclusive partnership showcases Alcatex’s profound impact on shaping the data centre industry in the interests of enterprise customers while solidifying Element Critical’s status as a preferred destination for those seeking robust, secure, sustainable and scalable data centre solutions.

“We are excited to join forces with Alcatex,” says Steve Weaver, CRO of Element Critical. “This partnership reflects our shared commitment to delivering excellence in data centre services. Together, we’re committed to meeting the evolving needs of businesses across all our service locations.”

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