Elevat and Microsoft to revolutionise IoT with the heavy machinery industries

Leveraging Elevat Machine Connect and Microsoft Azure Edge, this groundbreaking technical partnership promises to accelerate digital transformation and empower businesses with unprecedented connectivity and insights.

The IoT industry has been on an upward trajectory, with organisations worldwide recognising its potential to enhance efficiency, optimise operations, and unlock new revenue streams. Microsoft and Elevat’s joint efforts are poised to play a pivotal role in this transformation, offering a comprehensive and innovative solution.

Elevat Machine Connect, a cutting-edge IoT platform, seamlessly connects devices, sensors, and machines, enabling real-time data collection, analysis, and control. Its scalability, security, and flexibility have made it a go-to choice for industries such as construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, utilities, work trucks, recreational vehicles, and more.

Microsoft Azure Edge, on the other hand, brings the power of cloud computing to the edge of the network. With Azure Edge, organisations can process data locally, reducing latency and ensuring quick decision-making in critical applications. It offers advanced analytics, machine learning capabilities, and robust security features, making it an ideal companion for IoT deployments.

Key highlights of this partnership include:

Enhanced Connectivity: Elevat Machine Connect will be tightly integrated with Azure Edge, providing seamless connectivity and data flow between edge devices and the cloud. This unified approach ensures that businesses can harness the full potential of their IoT ecosystem.

Advanced Analytics: Leveraging Azure Edge’s capabilities, Elevat Machine Connect will enable organisations to analyse data at the source, extracting valuable insights in real-time. This will empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and drive operational efficiency.

Scalability: The combined solution offers unmatched scalability, allowing businesses to easily scale their IoT deployments to accommodate evolving needs and growth.

Security: Microsoft’s robust security infrastructure and Elevat’s commitment to data protection ensure that IoT deployments remain secure, safeguarding sensitive information from potential threats.

Ease of Deployment: Elevat Machine Connect with Azure Edge will provide a simplified deployment process, enabling organisations to quickly and cost-effectively implement IoT solutions.

In a statement, Adam Livesay, Co-Founder of Elevat, Inc, expressed their excitement about this collaboration: “Microsoft and Elevat share a common vision of transforming industries through innovative IoT solutions. Together, we will empower Industrial OEMs to unlock the full potential of their data and create new opportunities for growth. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a more connected and intelligent world.”

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