ENGIE to supply renewable energy for Microsoft’s Texas data centres

ENGIE Energy Marketing (ENGIE) has announced an innovative agreement designed to provide renewable energy to cover the energy demands of select Microsoft data centres in Texas. By leveraging their existing renewable energy contracts, this partnership will expedite Microsoft’s mission to achieve 100% carbon-free energy consumption on an hourly basis by 2030.

This customised agreement will enable Microsoft, one of the world’s foremost purchasers of renewable energy, to align its data centre energy demands in ERCOT with clean power sources. ENGIE, a prominent developer and owner of renewable energy capacity, will source this energy from their diverse portfolio of wind, solar, and battery projects in Texas.

Microsoft has earned recognition as an industry leader through its 100/100/0 initiative, which seeks to ensure that 100% of its electricity consumption, 100% of the time, is met by carbon-free energy purchases by 2030. Through this partnership in Texas, ENGIE is directly supporting Microsoft’s aspiration to advance grid decarbonisation.

ENGIE is well positioned to deliver on Microsoft’s ambition through its integrated approach, from building and operating renewable energy generation and storage assets to sourcing power through its global energy management activities.

“Microsoft continues to be a leader in the market for corporate renewable energy procurement and a key alliance for ENGIE in the Net Zero energy transition,” said Ken Robinson, ENGIE Energy Marketing N.A. President and CEO. ” We are proud to help them achieve their ambitions, where many other companies continue to struggle. Our goal is to grow our 24×7 hourly carbon-free matching programme in key markets with electricity generated from zero carbon energy sources including wind and solar.”

“We are excited that this project has kicked off and will provide us meaningful insight into future hourly carbon free programme design,” said Adrian Anderson, Microsoft General Manager, Renewables and Carbon Free Energy. “We look forward to working with ENGIE to meet our 100/100/0 goals.”

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