EPI releases new training and certification for data centre sustainability

EPI has launched a brand new training and certification measure for managing data centre sustainability. The two-day, content-rich course is aimed at providing knowledge on how to move the data centre to a more sustainable design and operations, for both existing and new data centres.

The focus on data centre sustainability has intensified over the last two years with the outbreak of COVID-19, which lead to a mass migration to a digital lifestyle never seen before. As a result, the demand for data centres, being the backbone of the internet, surged. Investment in data centres has increased tremendously all over the world.

At the same time, the realities of climate change are no longer isolated incidences reported on news channels. People everywhere are experiencing it personally, just at different levels of severity and disruption to lives.

The pressure on data centres to improve sustainability is mounting with governments now getting involved and approving new legislation to enforce sustainability measures on data centre operators.

“Sadly, the expertise to manage sustainability in the complex and multi-disciplinary data centre environment is sorely lacking,” said Edward van Leent, EPI Chairman and CEO. “To address this problem, EPI stepped up to develop the Certified Data Centre Environmental Sustainability Specialist (CDESS) training. We wanted to transfer the knowledge we have quickly to others and developed the much-needed expertise worldwide to manage and improve data centre sustainability.”

Van Leent continued: “The CDESS contains 12 comprehensive chapters. It includes topics on the applicable global standards, international treaties, sustainable performance metrics, and deep dives into how to measure, implement and improve energy efficiency on electrical, mechanical, ICT, data storage; water and waste management; and sustainable energy. The course will enable participants to create a roadmap to a carbon-neutral data centre.”

The CDESS is also a training and certification course to provide recognition to data centre professionals who have passed an exam with the CDESS certification.

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