Equinix boosts multi-cloud connectivity for effortless application integration

Equinix, a global digital infrastructure company, has launched Equinix Fabric Cloud Router, a virtual routing service facilitating seamless connectivity for enterprises across multiple clouds and on-premise deployments. 

Equinix Fabric Cloud Router can help customers simplify their complex cloud-to-cloud and hybrid cloud networking challenges by providing an easy-to-configure, enterprise-grade, multicloud routing service that can be deployed in under a minute. Utilizing Equinix’s secure private connectivity, customers can connect applications across public clouds in more locations than any other service.

“Modern IT environments are highly digitized and distributed. TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group research shows that in 2023, 94% of organizations are now using multiple unique public clouds and the top drivers behind this adoption are to optimize performance and to scale applications. The network connectivity that supports these multicloud applications must provide the same ability to scale and improve performance. Equinix, with its extensive cloud on-ramp availability and low network latency combined with the recently added Equinix Fabric Cloud Router is well positioned to deliver these capabilities.” – Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst, ESG

Customers can deploy Equinix Fabric Cloud Router in all 58 Equinix Fabric-enabled markets globally with low latency connectivity to all major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as well as hundreds of other service providers like Akamai, ServiceNow and Zoom. Delivered as a service on demand and in near real time, Equinix Fabric Cloud Router can remove the costs and complexities of owning and operating a physical router or licensing a virtual router. By removing these limitations, customers can improve application performance, reduce cloud costs and accelerate services to market. Enterprises can also accelerate their multicloud adoption by avoiding vendor lock-in with Equinix’s cloud agnostic service, eliminating networking constraints and enabling them to choose the right cloud environment and provider for specific workloads.

“Multicloud networking is hard, but now with the launch of Equinix Fabric Cloud Router we are simplifying it for businesses everywhere by helping users connect different clouds in as little as 45 seconds. This is what you’d expect from Equinix, the leader in multicloud networking,” said Arun Dev, Vice President of Digital Interconnection at Equinix. “By combining Equinix’s steadfast commitment to cloud and network neutrality that has spanned more than 25 years, our leading access to cloud on-ramps, and the largest selection of cloud providers and services partners, Equinix is uniquely positioned to provide the on-demand digital infrastructure today’s enterprises need.” 

Yogesh Kaushik, VP, Product Management, Networking Services, Oracle, comments: “The distributed cloud is increasingly important as organizations need the flexibility to work with workloads and data in specific locations and across multiple clouds. With Equinix Fabric Cloud Router, customers can deploy and manage a high-performance multicloud networking architecture more quickly and cost-effectively.”

Kunal Thakkar, VP, Product and Solutions Engineering, Apcela, says: “Multicloud networking is a critical component of the networks we build and run for our digitally transforming enterprise customers. We achieve network cost optimization and operational efficiencies by using Equinix Fabric. It is globally consistent and enables us to achieve high levels of network automation to cloud providers. We’re excited about the launch of Equinix Fabric Cloud Router, which will enable us to achieve even higher levels of cost and performance efficiency and help advance our mission of becoming a truly global Network as a Service (NaaS) provider.”

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