Equinix’s Tiffany Osias discusses sustainability, liquid cooling, and more

In a recent podcast interview with Data Centre Frontier (DCF), Tiffany Osias, VP of Colocation at Equinix, discussed the company’s strategic approach to innovation and its response to the growing demands of artificial intelligence (AI) in data centres. Equinix, known for its customer-centric approach to innovation, invests $3 billion annually in organic growth, enabling it to expand its services, locations, and market reach.

Osias emphasised that Equinix provides secure and reliable services to customers while also enhancing cooling solutions for high-performance computing equipment, which requires efficient cooling due to increased power consumption. Liquid cooling has emerged as a viable option, with Equinix customers already adopting this technology on its platform.

Equinix’s commitment to liquid cooling extends further, with plans to deploy closed-loop liquid cooling in six data centres in the current year. Customers have expressed a growing demand for innovation in this field, prompting Equinix to explore liquid cooling technologies more extensively. Last year, the company introduced its Metal infrastructure services in liquid cooling, marking a significant milestone. Equinix is now witnessing a shift among customers from rear door heat exchange technology to a full liquid-to-liquid environment.

Osias revealed that Equinix is actively collaborating with customers to implement liquid cooling solutions across its global network in 2023, providing an enterprise-ready approach for those at the forefront of architectural advancements.

Equinix’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and customer support positions it as a key player in meeting the evolving demands of the data centre industry, particularly in the era of AI-driven decision-making and digital transformation.

The company’s Telstra Hybrid Cloud platform also plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless cloud migrations and managing cloud complexities for data centre customers, underscoring its commitment to empowering businesses on their digital journeys.

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