Evolution Data Centres announces new Sustainable Data Centre Charter

sustainable data centre

Evolution Data Centres (EvoDC) have announced the introduction of a new Sustainable Data Centre Charter, with the aim to minimise carbon intensity and limit water usage as the company develops in Asia.

EvoDC’s carbon emissions target is 20 tonnes CO2/GWh (utilised IT load) by 2030. This compares with a staggering 1,263 tonnes CO2/GWh (utilised IT load) if no decarbonisation measures are taken.

Among the key pledges is a power strategy which proposes to avoid activities that cause emissions as much as possible, change activities and sources to reduce emissions where necessary, and offset remaining emissions using quality renewable energy credits and other carbon offset schemes.

To meet this goal, they have partnered with ENGIE Impact, a leader in sustainability transformation solutions, to create a sustainable data centre charter which sets out ambitious targets and a clear framework to measure performance against.

As transparency is critical, the company’s performance will be made available for an independent assessment to track EvoDC’s progress and performance in five key areas: Carbon Emissions, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Green Buildings as well as Water and Waste Management.

Darren Webb, Chief Executive Officer of EvoDC, said: “I am delighted to announce our new Sustainability Charter. This demonstrates our long-term commitment to sustainability and will ensure that we consider the environmental impact of every aspect of our data centre development and operation. We have deliberately set ourselves ambitious targets and will be held to account by the annual publication of our performance.”

Malavika Jain Bambawale, APAC Managing DirectorENGIE Impact, said: “In order to stay within the world’s carbon budget to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, it is imperative for large energy consumers such as data centres, to successfully transition to low carbon technologies. We are pleased to support EvoDC with their sustainability charter which sets out a clear decarbonisation roadmap for implementation across markets.”

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