Flexential embarks on expansion with two new data centres at Atlanta-Douglasville campus


Flexential, a leading provider of data centre services, has revealed its plans to expand its national FlexAnywhere Platform. The company will construct a new 36MW phased development at its Atlanta-Douglasville campus in Georgia, in addition to the previously announced 22.5MW project. The first phases of the 22.5MW facility will be available to customers this year.

Furthermore, Flexential intends to complete the initial phase of its new Hillsboro 4 facility in Portland by the fall of 2023. The company also plans to break ground on its fifth facility in the area, adding two new data centres to the Hillsboro market. These expansions are part of Flexential’s goal to increase capacity on the FlexAnywhere Platform by an additional 54MW in Oregon.

The new projects will adhere to Flexential’s sustainable design principles, targeting a Power Usage Efficiency of 1.4 and zero Water Usage Efficiency. This aligns with the requirements for funding under Flexential’s Green Finance Framework. The fifth-generation design of the data centres will be optimised to support the growing power and density demands of AI and GPU-driven high-performance computing deployments.

The Atlanta area, with its strong presence of health, IT, telecom, and internet security companies, serves as an appealing location for critical enterprise workloads. Flexential has operated in Atlanta for over 20 years and currently has three interconnected data centres. The planned expansions in Atlanta-Douglasville will enhance its presence in the region.

In Portland, the new Hillsboro 4 and 5 developments will be located near Flexential’s largest project to date, the Hillsboro 3 data centre, with the first phase of Hillsboro 4 expected to be available to customers by fall 2023. The company is also in the planning stages for Hillsboro 5, a 36MW development that will support its growing customer base in the market.

The Hillsboro facilities will provide direct connections to Flexential’s Network Access Point of the Northwest, a major global interconnection hub housing submarine cables and international carriers.

As a key gateway to the Asia Pacific region and a hub for semiconductor, AI, and retail companies, Portland offers attractive business tax incentives and is becoming a popular alternative to Northern California. The expansion projects in Hillsboro will cater to the needs of colocation and scale customers, delivering 54MW of capacity at full build. This will make Flexential one of the largest data centre providers in Oregon, offering access to over 110MW of actively deployed capacity in the market.

“Today’s expansion further supports customers in solving their most complex hybrid IT infrastructure requirements with Flexential. In addition to the new projects in Atlanta and Hillsboro, we are actively developing additional capacity options in Denver, Dallas, Las Vegas and Tampa in 2023,” said Chris Downie, CEO, Flexential. “We are excited to enable our customers to rapidly scale their IT infrastructure across our national FlexAnywhere™ Platform of 41 data centres.”

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