Formerica Optoelectronics revolutionises data center economics with immersion cooling tech

Formerica Optoelectronics, headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, announced the introduction of the TES-717H8-P8M, a pioneering 800G OSFP to 2x400G immersion fanout Active Optical Cable (AOC). Engineered to meet the sophisticated demands of AI/ML data centers, the Infiniband-compatible TES-717H8-P8M is an integral component for servers utilizing immersion liquid cooling systems. It significantly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and OPEX while improving sustainability for data centers.

In today’s data-driven world, the quest for efficient, high-performance cooling solutions is paramount, especially for data centers challenged with the immense heat generated by high-power computing activities, such as those associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). 

Immersion liquid cooling technology, which the TES-717H8-P8M features, presents a transformative solution by immersing server components in a thermally conductive fluid. This enhances cooling efficiency and also significantly lowers energy consumption, thereby reducing the overall TCO for data center operators.

The TES-717H8-P8M offers compatibility with both InfiniBand and Ethernet, maximizing flexibility and high-speed connectivity essential for the efficient operation of Generative AI data centers. This 800G OSFP to 2x400G immersion fanout AOC is designed from the ground up to support the rigorous bandwidth and latency requirements of cutting-edge computing systems, optimizing performance and reliability in immersion liquid cooling systems.

“We are excited to present the TES-717H8-P8M at this year’s OFC Conference, highlighting Formerica Optoelectronics’ commitment to innovation and our role in contribution to data center cooling technology,” said Peter Liu, GM and VP of Sales & Marketing for Formerica Optoelectronics. “By integrating our products into immersion liquid cooling systems, we address the urgent need for efficient cooling solutions and enable data centers to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), taking a significant step forward improving the sustainability and economic efficiency of high-performance computing.”

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