FPT and NVIDIA collaborate to shape the future of AI and cloud 

Global leading IT firm FPT has announced a comprehensive strategic partnership with NVIDIA, aiming to offer a one-stop shop for AI & Cloud consisting of AI products, GPU infrastructure, tech experts, and domain expertise for clients in Vietnam and all FPT’s presence areas. This endeavor will be attained by establishing AI factories for AI research and development in the region, expanding advanced AI and cloud capabilities on a global scale, and fostering a future-ready workforce in technology.

FPT plans to invest USD 200 million in building an AI factory that will serve as a sovereign cloud. These will feature NVIDIA’s latest technologies, including NVIDIA AI Enterprise software and frameworks and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs

This initiative is a critical part of FPT’s strategy in reinforcing AI research and development, creating AI applications and solutions with a focus on generative AI, autonomous driving, and green transformation for sustainability. This empowers FPT to realize the vision of transforming Vietnam into an AI nation and accelerating the adoption of AI applications in Asia, including but not limited to Vietnam, Japan, and Korea. 

AI Factory will provide cloud GPU services to accompany FPT’s corporate customers globally to access the most core resources to improve research capacity, accelerate the speed of AI applications, especially Generative AI, and achieve breakthroughs in improving productivity and customer experience.

At the same time, it helps FPT accelerate the construction and development of AI platforms and applications with higher value for customers in all industries.

As part of the collaboration, FPT has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network as a Service Delivery Partner and aims to become a Global Systems Integrator, leveraging the full potential of NVIDIA’s cutting-edge products and technologies to develop bespoke cloud services, hardware, software, and most importantly, generative AI solutions. Prioritizing three key verticals, including automotive, manufacturing, banking, financial services, and insurance, FPT will offer end-to-end generative AI services, empowering businesses to unlock the next level of productivity and automation. The integrations will enhance FPT’s AI Labs while introducing new software frameworks.

Additionally, FPT’s education group will work to strengthen the AI workforce by incorporating NVIDIA’s programs into educational curriculum and activities, training programs, and lab facilities at both university and high school levels, aiming to reach at least 30,000 students within 5 years.

FPT further intends to collaborate with NVIDIA on opportunities to develop cloud gaming with NVIDIA GeForce NOW in Vietnam.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Dr. Truong Gia Binh, FPT Corporation Chairman and Founder, affirmed: “FPT is committed to Digital transformation, AI, Cloud, and Education. FPT strives to enhance our R&D competence and establish a comprehensive platform for state-of-the-art products and services built on AI and Cloud that exceeds global demands, working to achieve its vision to turn Vietnam into an AI hub of the world through collaboration with NVIDIA in technology, business development, and training.” 

Keith Strier, NVIDIA Vice President of Worldwide AI Initiative, said: “By accelerating innovation in healthcare, agriculture, climate, manufacturing, and more, AI has the potential to improve lives and strengthen the economies of every nation. FPT is working with NVIDIA to empower organizations across Vietnam to drive transformation, helping the country become an AI nation.”

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