Fujitsu leverages AI technology to realise energy saving in network operations

Fujitsu has successfully equipped its Virtuora Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) offering for Open RAN with a power-saving application using AI technology developed by Fujitsu. The Fujitsu rApp, uses traffic estimates powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence to switch network capacity on or off as needed, while maintaining service continuity.

Fujitsu had conducted interoperability tests of the Virtuora SMO offering equipped with RAN equipment and confirmed power savings of more than 20% compared to conventional methods for estimating communication traffic for individual base stations.

Fujitsu further conducted successful interoperability tests with a third party system-level RAN emulator compliant with the O-RAN specifications provided by VIAVI Solutions (American telecommunications network measurement equipment vendor; hereinafter VIAVI). VIAVI TeraVM RIC test is a comprehensive AI training enablement, test & measurement solution for validation of Open RAN RIC, xApps and rApps using a containerised platform.

Moving forward, Fujitsu plans to promote the creation and enhancement of a multi-vendor Open RAN ecosystem globally. Fujitsu will support telecommunication carriers in reducing operation and maintenance costs and accelerating the development of new services, with the goal of contributing to the realisation of carbon-neutral network operations through power saving technologies.

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