Gcore Korea launches the first H100-based data center

Gcore has announced the launch of its first AI public cloud service in Korea, powered by NVIDIA’s H100. The Gcore data center will feature 40 NVIDIA H100 servers, renowned for their exceptional AI training capabilities, totaling 320 GPUs.

Gcore’s H100-based AI public cloud service will provide powerful computing power by organizing servers equipped with eight SMX5-type H100 GPUs into a large-scale cluster and by configuring all connections between GPUs, which have the greatest impact on AI learning performance. With InfiniBand NDR (400Gbps), the bandwidth per server reaches 3.2Tbps.

Furthermore, the non-blocking cluster by Unified Fabric Manager (UFM), is equipped with both hot and cold spares to uphold GDPR standards. Each server boasts 2TB of memory and 112 CPU cores, fostering an expansive data processing and high-performance computing atmosphere.

With 12KW per server, rapid networking capabilities, and a secure center design, optimal service execution is ensured.

In readiness for deployment, Gcore collaborated closely with NHN Cloud, a prominent Korean cloud service provider, selecting an appropriate data center and tailoring the service to cater to the preferences of Korean clientele.

“Korea has tremendous growth potential in AI technologies, including AI semiconductors, systems, and services, and we look forward to helping Korean companies take a leading position in the global AI market by leveraging Gcore’s data centers located within the country’s high-speed telecommunications network, as well as Gcore’s global edge network, which is interconnected with ultra-low latency networks around the world,” said HyunYong Jung, Country Manager, Gcore Korea.

DongHoon Kim, CEO, NHN Cloud, said: “As the paradigm of the AI infrastructure market in Korea and globally is rapidly changing, NHN Cloud is building the largest GPU cluster in Korea with more than 1,000 NVIDIA H100s in our data centers, including the Gwangju National AI Data center and Pangyo Data center (NCC1).

“Gcore is a company with strong and secure cloud and edge AI know-how based on more than 160 PoPs around the world and by quickly introducing NVIDIA’s latest GPU, the H100, to Korea, we are setting the stage for a new phase in the Korean AI market.”

“Through our partnership with Gcore, NHN Cloud will strengthen the competitiveness of the Korean AI infrastructure market and actively respond to global expansion and market changes.”

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