GiantLeap Capital invests in Vantage Data Centers

GiantLeap Capital, a technology-focused private investment firm that partners with companies developing transformative technologies for critical industries announced its investment in Vantage Data Centers, a leading global provider of hyperscale data center campuses, to support its growing North America and EMEA platforms.

Vantage owns or controls 25 sites in North America and EMEA totaling more than three gigawatts of expected capacity. As part of the company’s investment plan, Vantage’s strategic land bank is expected to drive an estimated $30 billion of additional development, extending Vantage’s track record of bringing market-leading capacity and innovative solutions to customers around the world. 

In connection with the investment, Vantage will continue its development of next-generation data centers, including energy-efficient and sustainable designs purpose-built for AI and large-scale cloud deployments.

Sunit Patel, Senior Executive Advisor at GiantLeap Capital: “We are excited to work with Vantage as they continue meeting the critical demands of hyperscalers and other leading technology companies.”

“We are thrilled to support Vantage at a critical growth inflection point and to help finance one of the most pressing infrastructure needs for hyperscalers,” said Himanshu Sekhar and Samir Parikh, co-founders and Managing Partners at GiantLeap Capital. “GiantLeap and our global network of Executive Partners and Advisors look forward to supporting Vantage and its next stage of growth. Vantage is one of the most important companies globally for cloud and technology platforms and is well positioned to help accelerate the adoption of cloud and AI-based technologies.”

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