Go!Foton to reveal innovative fiber termination vault for high density fiber distribution applications 

Go!Foton, a leading provider of optical fiber networking solutions for service providers and data centers, will offer an early look at its cutting-edge Fiber Termination Vault (FTV) for central office, headend, datacenter, and MDU applications at this year’s Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exposition (OFC).

“Driven by a relentless surge in customer connectivity demand and the onslaught of a new generation of bandwidth-hungry applications, the continuing explosion in optical port density has strained the limits of conventional bay technologies,” said Go!Foton CEO Dr. Simin Cai. “FTV addresses this challenge by introducing a new fiber distribution paradigm for landing OSP fiber facilities and managing distribution throughout the central office, CATV headend and data center. FTV facilitates the transition from OSP rated cables to indoor rated trunk cables, offering splice capabilities and, optionally, integrated PLC splitters for distributing PON signals – crucial for FTTH deployments,” he added.

Incorporating both Go!Foton’s renowned PEACOC® spreadable adapter technology and its innovative NEMO patch panel, FTV enhances access to high-density fiber ports with a versatile chassis that can be wall-mounted or adapted to standard fiber racks. “This design not only simplifies installation with its universal front and back access but also offers flexibility for deployment in tight areas, such as MDF/IDF closets or building entrance vaults,” said Go!Foton CTO Dr. David Z. Chen. “FTV’s adaptability to legacy infrastructure allows network operators to maximize port connections in constrained rack real estate, offering operators a practical solution to the growing demands of fiber network management by enabling more port connections in limited rack space.”

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