Google commit further to sustainability goals with new energy compact

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Google has announced they are building on its three-decades-long commitment to sustainability for people and the planet by aiming to operate on carbon-free energy, every hour of every day, at all of its data centres and office campuses around the world by 2030. 

This ambitious commitment will be captured in an energy compact, an innovation introduced by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) and backed by UN-Energy. The energy compact is a public and trackable commitment, with specific actions, made by governments, companies and others to achieve energy transition goals by 2030, including universal access to affordable and clean energy.

The companies will leverage their experience to build a global compact for 24/7 Carbon-free Energy (CFE). They are calling on companies, governments and other stakeholders who commit to the principles of CFE to join the compact and work together to enact the policies critical to fully decarbonise the world’s electricity systems.    

“We are eager to work with SEforALL and the world’s governments and corporations to fully decarbonise grids and support a carbon-free economy,” Kate Brandt, Chief Sustainability Officer of Google, said. “With this global compact, we have a unique opportunity to transform energy policies, technologies, and procurement practices, but only if we work together.”     

“This partnership with Google sends a powerful signal that none of us alone can achieve the scale necessary to tackle the double crisis of climate and energy poverty,” Damilola Ogunbiyi, CEO of SEforALL, said. “The only hope we have to heal our planet and to provide opportunities for billions is together through partnerships like this that can pave the way for others to follow.” 

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