Google secures largest deal for offshore wind energy to power European data centers

The company has entered into an arrangement to procure 478 MW of electricity from two offshore wind farms situated off the coast of the Netherlands. These wind farms are developed by Crosswind and Ecowende, joint ventures between supermajor Shell and Dutch utility Eneco.

CrossWind’s 759 MW Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm, commissioned in December last year, and Ecowende’s 760 MW Hollandse Kust West VI, planned for launch in 2026, will power Google’s data centers located in Eemshaven and Middenmeer. 

Google stated in a release that, combined with previously established power purchase agreements in the Netherlands, these initiatives will enable its Dutch data centers and offices to achieve over 90% carbon-free energy by 2024.”

The subsidy-free offshore wind farms are expected to contribute to about 6% of the country’s annual electricity consumption and will foster technology innovation and ecological development. CrossWind and its partners are exploring a range of technologies, including floating solar, energy storage and hydrogen production, while Ecowende’s wind farm is expected to be the most ecological wind farm yet, with minimal impact on the natural habitat of birds, bats and marine mammals and a thriving underwater world.

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