Google to invest $1 billion as part of data centre expansion

Google has announced they will invest an additional $1 billion into their data centre operations in New Albany while also buying land in Columbus and Lancaster for more data centres.

“We are delighted that Google Cloud has committed to expanding its presence in Ohio, further solidifying the state’s position as one of the country’s leading destinations for cloud technology investment,” Mike DeWine, Governor of Ohio, said. “Google Cloud is choosing to expand here yet again, continuing a growth trend of cloud computing investments that we are seeing throughout Ohio.”

The company’s data centres run its services such as search, Gmail and YouTube for users around the world. Rising demands are behind the $1 billion expansion in New Albany that will triple the size of operations. 

The announcement is the latest on what has been a string of data centre projects for central Ohio. Amazon has data centres in New Albany, Dublin and Hilliard while Facebook has data centre operations in New Albany along with tech company Cologix.

The region has become a hub for cloud computing, offering fibre networks that reach major cities on the East and West coasts. It has ideal weather for data centres in that there is little risk of flooding, earthquakes or tornadoes compared with other regions. It also has ample supplies of electricity and labour.

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