Green Datacenter starts construction work on two additional data centres

Green Datacenter AG has started construction work on two additional data centres located on the Metro-Campus Zurich, where, space for up to 160,000 IT systems is being created. The waste heat generated by the data centres will be funnelled into cooperative district heating networks that are currently under construction.

Green Datacenter AG has entered the next phase of construction at the Metro-Campus Zurich. Following the completion of the first data centre in 2022, construction work on the N and O data centres has now commenced earlier than originally anticipated, as the provider of data centres and associated services based in Lupfig in the canton of Aargau writes in a press release. The company explains that sharply rising demand for secure, high-performance data centres is the reason behind construction work starting early.

“Our growth reflects the rapid technology and digitalisation push”, as Roger Süess, CEO of Green, explains in the press release, before adding: “Modern data centres are needed to ensure that this transformation can be realised in Switzerland quickly, securely and sustainably”. The two new data centres should eventually offer space for up to 160,000 IT systems.

Households and businesses located in surrounding municipalities will also stand to benefit from the data centres. In this context, Green Datacenter is investing millions in waste heat extraction and working closely with Energie 360°”, the company writes. The Zurich-based energy provider is realising several cooperative district heating projects in the region. “We’re doing our bit for the circular economy and supporting the energy transition through the use of waste heat as well as a number of other measures”, comments Süess. “We are convinced that future-oriented digitalisation can only be achieved through sustainable data centers”, he concludes.

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