GreenSquareDC signs MoU with SE to redefine sustainability in data centre design

Schneider Electric’s technology will play a pivotal role in implementing highly sustainable data centre solutions throughout GreenSquareDC’s regional data centre portfolio. GreenSquareDCTM offers cost-effective, scalable AI and GPU as a Service (AI & GPUaaS) data centre solutions, emphasising sustainability. These solutions cater to customers at the forefront of innovation, enabling them to harness new technologies and industry-specific solutions while simultaneously addressing climate change and fulfilling corporate responsibility commitments.

The new data centre, WAi1, will utilise Schneider Electric solutions to simultaneously minimise its carbon footprint and maximise operational efficiency, representing a transformative design. It adheres to key objectives, like: firstly, enhancing resilience to match or surpass traditional data centres through the GreenSquareDC™ and Schneider Electric partnership; secondly, setting a groundbreaking sustainability benchmark with significantly reduced environmental impact, embodied carbon, and reduced resource consumption compared to peers; and thirdly, ensuring that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) remains equivalent to or lower than conventional data centres over the facility’s entire lifecycle. Additionally, WAi1 is uniquely tailored to accommodate the surging demand for high-density AI and GPU-based computational solutions, serving as an innovation hub.

Joe Craparotta, Vice President of Data Centres at Schneider Electric said, “As we continue to shift to a more digital and sustainable world, the demand for data centres is rapidly increasing, so it’s important for data centre operators to create sustainability roadmaps that will reduce the environmental impact of these critical assets,”

“We are excited and humbled to be selected by GreenSquareDC™ after their assessment of the market. This exciting new flagship project will allow us to collectively pave the way to a greener, more efficient data centre model.”

“Schneider Electric is a natural partner for GreenSquareDC™, and we look forward to working with their expert team to help our sustainability vision for the future come to life,”

Through its partnership with Schneider Electric, GreenSquareDC™ is uniquely positioned to offer scalable and affordable AI GPU-ready Data Centre solutions.

It will also empower enterprises, partners, and customers at the forefront of technological innovation to not only meet but exceed their industry-specific requirements.

“This collaboration marks a significant step in the data centre industry. bringing the highest levels of sustainability and reliability and at a time when it’s needed the most,” added Walt Coulston, Founder & CEO of GreenSquareDC™. 

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