Guian New District has fifteen large and super-large data centres under construction

Guian New District, the eighth national new area in China, has fifteen large and super-large data centres in the pipeline or under construction, making it one of the regions with the largest number of super-large data centres in the world. In the near future, this cloud centre surrounded by mountains will also give impetus to China’s project of processing the data from the country’s east in the country’s west to accelerate the development of digital China.

With the construction of a new batch of contracted projects, the investment scale of data centres in the new district is expected to exceed ¥100 billion by 2025, according to the company’s big data development service centre. In the new district, the clustered data centres have attracted many leading enterprises in software and information technology services such as Guizhou-Cloud Big Data and Huawei Cloud Computing. Various cloud services are being rolled out at a fast clip.

“Guian New District has become a strong magnetic field for the development of the digital economy,” Wang Jun, director with Guian New District’s big data development service centre, said. “At present, with Tencent Guian Seven Star Data centre as the centre, twelve super-large data centres are planned within a radius of four kilometres and an area of no more than 50 square kilometres, which can carry more than four million servers. The average PUE value of data centres is below 1.4, and the average energy consumption of data centres basically reaches the international advanced level.”

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